February, 2017

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Travel Advice for the novice hunter visiting South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It has a very rich diversity and a huge variety of cultures. Coming to Africa and South Africa for the first time might be a scary thing, due to all the stories out there (no lions do not roam the streets of Johannesburg).

Here are some tips and details for your first hunting trip to South Africa.


The central and southern parts of South Africa do not have Malaria. The northern parts of South Africa however do. When going to that region or to countries higher up like Zimbabwe, Zambia etc. it is highly advised that you get malaria pills for you and the family.


The clothes you bring along are very important. It is almost always sunny during daytime from May through to September. This is our winter months. Temperatures range from low 30’s F and can warm op to the 70’s F during the day. Some days might be cooler than others. Early mornings and evenings is normally very chilly so be sure to pack at least one warm jacket. For hunting purposes early morning, gloves and a warm balaclava is also recommended. Walking shoes, a couple of pairs of woolly socks and about 2 pairs of long hunting trousers are also essential.

Sunscreen, repellent, hats

Sunscreen and at least one hat is an absolute must, especially in the summer months. In certain areas in South Africa it gets extremely hot. If you are caught out in the bush hunting with none of these you might be in for a painful next couple of days.


South Africa has a huge variety of species to hunt and the terrain in each part of South Africa differs immensely making South Africa one of the best places to hunt. If you are new to hunting make sure that you practice your shooting before coming over. The most important thing to do while out hunting is to always listen to what your professional hunter says. This will improve your success rate and will keep everyone save.

South Africa is a very safe place for international travelers. However, it is sensible to take normal precautions while travelling, particularly while in the city. You might only be in the large city when you come into the international airports. We recommend the use of travelers’ cheques or credit cards rather than large amounts of cash just as you travel to other adventure destinations. The hunting areas are remote and crime is nearly crime-free. While on safari you and your family can relax and enjoy the magic that Africa has to offer.

Preferred Gun for your African Safari

There are many different rifle calibers and makes out there. It can sometimes be a very difficult and confusing task to pick the right one.

Here are a couple of tips on which rifles might be better for different hunting situations in Africa:

Big Game Hunting

“This topic will be debated for many years to come. The best possible answer is to bring the gun that you are the most comfortable with and that you feel most confident shooting. The rifles you intend to bring along are subject to government rules and regulations as set out in the SAPS 520 section. If a recommendation had to be made (this is not a rule though), we would suggest a 30-06 and a 375. With these calibers you will be able to hunt anything that walks in the African bushveld”.

Dangerous Game Hunting

“Experienced Hunters as well as professional hunters will all have their own opinion on their favorite rifle. When hunting for dangerous game, the .375 caliber is the minimum prescribed by law in most African countries”. “For hunting dangerous game one of the 400 caliber hunting rifles should be considered. A 404 Jeffrey, 416 Rigby, 458 WM, 458 Lott, 470 or bigger – Pieter Kriel”.

Plains Game

“When coming to Africa for plains game, bring a rifle that you are completely familiar with and comfortable shooting. The .270 Win should be considered the minimum for most medium-sized plains game species, although a smaller caliber can also get the job done with a well-placed shot”. “The 30.06 caliber is also a very good all-round choice for plains game hunting in Africa. It has a proven track record and ammunition is readily available. Other calibers like the .308, 7 mm Rem Mag, 7mm-08, 300 Win Mag are all great choices”.

Longer Shots

“The 300 Win Mag is an excellent all-round choice, especially if your safari will take you to areas where long shots may be necessary”.

“The most popular calibers brought along on any South African hunting safari trip range from a 270, 7mm-08, 7 mm Rem Mag, 30-06 to a 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag”. As mentioned the most important thing to keep in mind is that you feel comfortable and confident with the rifle you are bringing. Bullets play just as an important role. A bad bullet can cause a great shot to be bad, especially when hunting bigger game. Most important is to get to the shooting range. Get comfortable with your rifle, and when on safari, listen to the advice from your PH.



Hunter John Tinley

Hunting will never be the same again see new Hunting Technology

As we all know the technology area is upon us, and whether we like it or not, hunting will never be the same since the introduction of Hunting Technology. The older hunter may find it hard to accept new high-tech equipment and gadgets; their argument is that it robs people of the real essence of hunting.

Despite the opposing views with regards to the use of advanced hunting tools, there is no stopping technology from coming up with these mind-blowing devices for modern day hunters to utilize.

Here are some of the technologies being used in the field of hunting:

Wind Detectors

There is a gadget on the market called Firefly. It is designed to determine wind direction even when there seems to be no wind at all. Firefly can determine wind drifts and thermals down to 1” per second. It uses patented technology to take 512 readings per second, which it then analyzes to give you the most accurate readings even with winds undetectable to human. Any hunter knows the importance of determining wind direction to take an accurate shot. There are also other gadgets on the market.

Rifle Scopes

Choosing a scope for your rifle will be one of the biggest factors in determining how accurately you’ll be able to shoot. Leopold has some of the best rifle scopes out there. The new VX-6HD is taking optical performance to a whole new level. They gave it a High-Definition optical system for sharpened clarity, and the Twilight MaxTM Light Management System for even greater low-light performance. This changes and newer technology give hunters a visible advantage at dawn and dusk when the biggest game is on the move. To make scope mounting even easier, they added an in-scope Electronic Reticle Level indicator for precise leveling, and a throw lever for fast magnification changes, right or left handed.

Game Calling Apps

Hunting Technology has really pushed hard in providing an app that can be very useful for hunters. There’s an app that has more than 20 calls in conjunction with a speaker in order to create a game call system. This way, you can lure your targets closer instead of relying on binoculars to line up your shots.

Trail Cams

Digital trail cameras are some the most popular tech products in hunters’ arsenals. Trail cameras give hunters useful and valuable information about the behavior of the animals they’re tracking. The hunting world is right on the cusp of seeing trail cameras that can stream photos and video content from the field to computers and smart devices.

Although many people feel that technology robs people of the real essence of hunting, we need to accept the fact that technology will keep on growing and that we simply need to keep up or get left behind. Hunting technology and gadgets are a great addition to your arsenal and will definitely improve your success.


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What you need to look for when selecting a Taxidermy Service

You’ve just had the most amazing African hunting experience and you have lots of stories to tell everyone at home about the hunt, the people and the wildlife of Africa.  Now all that is to remain, is evidence of this amazing safari.  Photographs can always be photo-shopped, but not trophies!  The issue as to where to take your trophies is a very important consideration.  Choosing the correct Taxidermy is very important because a bad decision or even a cheap option can ruin your trophy forever.

African San Taxidermy Studio is situated in the heart of South Africa’s Northern Cape. This is an ideal location, as it places the studio at the epicenter of a true hunting paradise. Clients’ preferences are extremely important and are valued by this studio. From looking at different photographs to looking at real examples of different mounts, they really try to get the mount as right as you want it to be.

Creativity comes naturally to the dedicated team of taxidermy professionals.  The taxidermist’s see each mount, not only as work to be finished but as an individual work of art.  Hunters and outfitters from across the African continent trust African San Taxidermy Studio to continually produce exceptional trophy mounts, full mounts, and all other taxidermy products. One of the reasons for this, is the appropriate systems and structures are in place to make sure that you get the highest standard trophy.  Clients receive their completed, professionally packed trophies in countries all over the world, including the USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany, and France. Their current turnaround time is approximately 6 months, after confirmation of order, until the day of delivery to your export company.  The African San staff is continually the exposal of the client to aid in this process and to make sure that you get your trophy on time and in good quality.

When choosing the right Taxidermy, be careful of super low prices. Good quality taxidermy work include good quality of materials to be used for tanning etc.  If you receive quotes that are outside the market price, it always raises the question whether your taxidermist used good quality materials.  You want your trophy to both look good and to last!  And with staff at the African San Taxidermy, that has more than 30 years’ experience, you can be assured that your trophies are in good hands.

As state veterinarian-approved high-risk taxidermy, African San Taxidermy Studio complies with the strictest standards set by authorities in South Africa and all other countries around the world. They can import from all African hunting destinations and export to any country in the world.

You can always trust African San Taxidermy Studio to make sure you’ll forever remember your wonderful African hunting experience.