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Rowland Ward Fair-Chase Outfitters

To become a Fair Chase Outfitter, only those with impeccable reputations will be considered. Initially, the program will feature the finest outfitters in Africa; later we will expand the program to outfitters on other continents.

Rowland Ward Ltd. is very serious in its commitment to its Fair Chase Outfitters program. Rowland Ward Ltd. Fair Chase Outfitters will immediately be recognised by clients as outfitters and guides who espouse the highest ethical standards. A Rowland Ward Ltd. Fair Chase Outfitter must believe in and stand behind the concept of fair-chase hunting, be ethical at all times, obey the game laws of the country he/she outfits/hunts in, and be actively involved with local communities in the support of conservation and wildlife management. In order for a safari company to qualify, it must have a spotless record with IPHA and or its local outfitter organisation such as PHASA, NAPHA, etc. Such an outfitter must not have been banned from any of the major international hunting organisations for inappropriate conduct and, where applicable, must be fully licensed with the local authorities. Thus, when a customer sees the Rowland Ward Ltd. emblem on an outfitter’s brochure, website, or business card, he will immediately know that he is dealing with a company that is serious about the conservation of wildlife and habitat and one that will really go the extra mile to involve local, indigenous people wherever possible in the battle to preserve local wildlife and habitat.

Participants in the program will strictly offer fair-chase hunting as defined by the Guiding Principles of Rowland Ward Ltd. Outfitters who participate are committed to these ideals and professional in their behaviour. They have gone through a serious application and vetting process. Once an outfitter has been vetted by Rowland Ward Ltd., it will serve the hunting community in several ways. First of all, it will say to someone who is looking to book a hunt that a Rowland Ward Endorsed Outfitter is one who supports the Guiding Principles of Rowland Ward Ltd.; is actively involved with local communities to show that ethical sport hunting with a sustainable off-take is a financial benefit to those who share their environment with wildlife; and is an ethical outfitter. Thus, for people booking hunts, they will intuitively know that they can trust in the good judgment and ethical behaviour of a Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitter. Rowland Ward Ltd. will not hesitate to terminate outfitters who do not conform to the set standards.


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