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(Latin = Papio Ursinus, Afrikaans = Kaapse bobbejaan, Tswana = Tshwene)

  • Numbers: Very high
  • Weight: 14 – 44 kg (31 – 97 lb.)
  • Length: 107 – 157 cm (43 -63 in.)
  • Pregnancy time: 140 days
  • Young one’s quantity: 1, sometimes 2


There are 5 different species of Baboon is Africa. The two most common ones is the Olive Baboon and the Yellow Baboon. The other three are the Hamadryas, the Chachma (which is common in South Africa) and the Guinea.


Baboons are omnivores but they are very selective about what they eat. They feed on wild fruits, seeds and insects, even scorpions, and on occasion even the flesh of small mammals and birds.


Baboons do not have a definite breeding season and are sexually active throughout the year. Gestation period is around 140 days, after which a single young is born.


The Chachma is found all over South Africa, except in the Great Karoo and the most northern Coastal area of the Northern Cape Province. The Baboon is the largest ape found in South Africa. They are extremely adaptable and are found in varied habitats. Chachma is not an endangered species.


A female baboon is one of nature’s best mothers, with the fathers not far behind in model parenting. Baboons can be very aggressive and dangerous and would viciously counter-attack their predators when threatened.


The best caliber for hunting baboons in South Africa would be a small- to medium bore rifle that you can shoot accurately and feel comfortable using. There are numerous calibers out there that you will be able to use effectively to hunt baboons with. 222, 223, 243, 22-250, 6.5 X 55, 270, 7 X 57, 7 mm Rem Mag, 7 mm 08, 308, 30-06, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag, 338 are all great rifles when hunting Baboon. Be very careful when hunting Baboon as these guys are very aggressive and will not hesitate to attack when feeling threatened.




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