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Barbary Sheep

(Latin = Ammotragus lervia, Afrikaans = Berg Skaap)

  • Shoulder Height: 80 to 100 cm.
  • Weight: 40 – 140 kg (88 to 309 lb.)
  • SCI: 146 and two eights.
  • Rowland Ward: 34 and five eights in.


They are also known as Aoudad, the Barbary sheep originated from the rocky mountain regions of North America. This name was given to them by the barbers in North America. They are very lively animals and looks like wild Goats.


They are a sandy-brown color, darkening with age, with a slightly lighter underbelly and a darker line along the back. Upper parts and the outer parts of the legs are a uniform reddish brown or grayish brown. There is some shaggy hair on the throat.


They are able to obtain all their moisture from food, but if water is available, they will drink it. They graze and browse grasses, bushes, and lichens.


Barbary sheep are found in arid mountainous areas. They stay in rough, steep country because they are more suited to the terrain than any of their predators.


Due to the natural habitat of the Barbary Sheep, shots will be long and the wind will push the lighter calibers around. You want to use a caliber with a flat trajectory. The .270 Winchester Magnum with controllable recoil is a perfect choice. Other good calibers include the 300 Winchester Magnum and 7 mm Remington Magnum. Barbary sheep are tough and a well-placed shot on the shoulder is needed.



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