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(Latin = Damaliscus Dorcas Dorcas, Afrikaans = Bontebok)

  • Numbers: Low
  • Weight: 50 – 64 kg (110 – 141 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 90 cm (36 in.)
  • Record Horn Length:
  • SCI – 47 4/8.
  • Rowland Ward – 16 and three-quarters in.
  • Females horns? Yes


The Bontebok is a medium-sized antelope. Its body colour is generally dark brown with a prominent, wide white blaze on its face, with a pure white rump, belly and hocks, and black-tipped tail. Both sexes have horns. This antelope species was once almost extinct in South Africa, but is now somewhat safer in numbers, although still not found in abundance. They were killed in extent as pests and were reduced to only 17 animals in the wild. Although they are extinct in their natural habitat, their population has increased to a much safer number. As mentioned above the Bontebok and Blesbuck are very closely related. Bontebok are thought to have evolved from a group of Blesbuck isolated in the fynbos biome, possibly because of climatic conditions.


This is a plains antelope, preferring short-grass plains within the vegetation typical of the fynbos plant kingdom.


This is a seasonal breeder. Ewes become sexually active at two years of age. The rut takes place between January and mid-March. Single calves are born during September and October after a gestation period of 238 – 254 days.


The .270, 7mm or one of the 30 calibers are great choices when hunting Bontebok. Use good quality bullets as with all African game, and, if hunting the plains, remember that your shots might have to be made at considerable distances. It is listed under CITES 1, which requires both an export permit as well as an import permit. If you intend to take a Bontebok on your safari, be sure that the proper permits are available and secured prior to your hunt.




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