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(Latin = Syncerus caffer, Afrikaans = Buffel, Tswana = Nare)

  • Numbers: Fairly high
  • Weight > Up to 800 kg 1760 lb.
  • Shoulder height> 140 cm 56 in.
  • Pregnancy time: 330 – 346 days
  • Calf quantity: 1


Buffaloes have black or dark brown coats with age. Old bulls have whitish circles around their eyes. Females tend to have more-reddish coats.Both sexes have horns, those of the bulls are characterized by a heavy boss and upward curved horns.


Buffalo herds can have significant ecological impact on the veld. Being a bulk grazer, they are responsible for converting long grasslands into short grassy environments conducive to other browsers with more selective feeding habits.


Mating occurs between March and May. Their gestation period is 330 days. Single calves are born between January and April, with a distinct peak in February.


Most serious African hunters dream of taking a buffalo on a safari. The Cape Buffalo is considered by some to be the most dangerous of all of the Big Five. While he seems docile enough when viewed undisturbed in the herd, when agitated or wounded this bovine can be extremely aggressive, vindictive, and cunning. With a well-placed shot, a rifle of .375 caliber is adequate for the Cape buffalo. However, a shot from the various 40 calibers provides a much more immediate and noticeable effect. With the advent of quality soft-point bullets, many hunters prefer to make their first shot on the buffalo with a soft point to prevent over-penetration and the chance of wounding other members of the herd. Follow-up shots are most often made with solids to take advantage of their superior penetration. Even with a well-placed first shot, once the Cape buffalo is wounded and its adrenalin is flowing, he can be extremely hard to bring down. It has been said that if your first shot is a bad one, the next 14 will only serve to further annoy him. Remember, when it comes to shot placement and your selection of rifles and bullets, always trust the judgment of your Professional Hunter.

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