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Bushbuck – Limpopo

(Latin = Tragelaphus scriptus, Afrikaans = Bosbok, Tswana = Serolobotlhoko)

  • Shoulder height: 71-76 cm (28-30 inches).
  •  Weight: 41-55 kg (100-120 pounds).
  • Record Horn Lenths:
  • SCI: 54 and three eights
  • Rowland Ward: 19 and five eights in.


The biggest differences between the Limpopo Bushbuck and the Cape Bushbuck are the region in South Africa where they are found and the Limpopo Bushbuck is lighter in colour. Females are smaller, have no horns and are lighter than males.


Limpopo Bushbuck are mainly browsers, but on rare occasions will consume grass. They are selective feeders, but during hardship are able to adapt their feeding habits for the sake of survival.


Just like the Cape Bushbuck their gestation period is about 6 months.


They also prefer thickets or riverine bush near water. Limpopo Bushbuck are most commonly found in the regions of the Limpopo River drainage in eastern Botswana, the Limpopo and Sabi river drainages in southern and southeastern Zimbabwe, adjacent parts of southern Mozambique,  the Transvaal lowveld and northeastern Zululand in South Africa.


Hunting the Limpopo Bushbuck is the same as when hunting the Cape Bushbuck. Remember your shot needs to be accurate. You do not want to wound this little guy! The 7x57mm, or a 30 caliber rifles are perfect for Bushbuck hunting. You will most probably have to take a shot through thick cover. Shot placement is extremely important, from any angle, place your shot so as to penetrate and pass through the chest cavity.

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