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(Latin = Potamochoerus larvatus, Afrikaans = Bosvark, Tswana = Kolobe ya naga)

  • Numbers: Fairly high
  • Weight: 46 – 82 kg (101 – 180 lb.)
  • Length: 132 – 173 cm (53 – 69 in.)
  • Shoulder Height: 66 to 100 cm (26 to 39 in)
  • Record Horn Length:
  • Rowland Ward: 12 and one quarter
  • SCI: 23 and five sixteens



The Bushpig is a member of the pig family. Their colour varies from reddish-brown to dark brown and becomes darker with age. Males are normally larger than females. They live in forests, woodland, riverine vegetation and reed beds in East and Southern Africa. They are one of the three most destructive animals on farms. The other two are the Elephant and Hippo.



They are omnivorous and their diet could include roots, crops, seeds, eggs and carrion.



Their gestation period is about four months. They get litters of between 3 and 8.



Their natural habitat requirements are Bush thicket, riverine, forest, marshland with tall grass, reed beds, and kloofs with a dense tree canopy.



They are best hunted during the night when they are most active. A rifle of suitable caliber should be used, most likely of .270 caliber or better. Use caution, as this ill-tempered beast can be extremely dangerous when wounded.





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