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Cape Bushbuck

(Latin = Tragelaphus scriptus, Afrikaans = Bosbok, Tswana = Ngurungu)

Numbers: High
Weight: 24 – 54 kg (53 – 119 lbs.)
Shoulder height: 80 cm (32 in)
Record Horn Length:
SCI: 19 in.
Rowland Ward: 18 and a half in.
Females horns? No


Bushbuck is a close relative of the Kudu and the Nyala and is a shy antelope. It is also the smallest member of the spiral horn antelope. Spotting them is not easy.  Rams have greyish-brown fur, with white spots on the flanks and prominent white socks. Ewes are smaller and adult ewes are lighter in colour than rams, with more pronounced white spots and stripes.


Bushbuck are mainly browsers, but on rare occasions will consume grass. They are selective feeders, but during hardship are able to adapt their feeding habits for the sake of survival.


Females are able to reproduce twice a year, and the gestation period is 6 month. The birth peak is generally during the rainy season in dry regions, but in high-rainfall areas there are not really any peaks.


Bushbuck’s preferred habitat is dense bush at the base of mountains or along river courses. This antelope is always found close to permanent water courses due to the fact that it must drink on a daily basis.


Hunting the bushbuck can be a real challenge, as it is shy and extremely elusive. The 7x57mm, or a 30 caliber rifles are perfect for Bushbuck hunting. You will most probably have to take a shot through thick cover. Shot placement is extremely important. From any angle, place your shot so as to penetrate and pass through the chest cavity. Make sure your shot is accurate because a wounded bushbuck becomes very aggressive and dangerous.



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