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Cape Grysbok

(Latin = Raphicerus melanotis , Afrikaans = Kaapse Grysbok, Tswana = Phuduhudu)

  • Numbers: Low
  • Weight: 7.5 kg (17lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 54 (22in)
  • Record Horn Length:
  • SCI: 13.
  • Rowland Ward: 5 and one quarter in.
  • Females horns? No


The Cape Grysbok is a small and shy antelope that is endemic to the Western and Eastern Cape regions of South Africa. A mixture of white and reddish hair on the back and sides gives this species a reddish appearance. Only males have horns, with a slight forward curve, standing vertical on the head. Females are generally larger bodied.


This is predominantly a browser, and not dependent of free water. They get most of their water intake from the food they eat. Occasionally grazes succulent grass and eats fruit when available.


Lambs are born in the southern summer after a gestation period of about 7 months. They stay hidden and grow fast.


Its native habitat is the “Fynbos biome”, and it inhabits thick shrub land.


Grysbok are best hunted with a shotgun with fine shot but often do not allow one to get near. They are usually hunted at night as they are active at this time. .222, .223, .243 are also good choices, but not as effective as a shotgun.



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