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Deer – Fallow

(Latin =Dama dama, Afrikaans = Takbok)

  • Shoulder height: 85–95 cm (33–37 in)
  • Weight: 60–100 kg (130–220 lb.)
  • Record Horn Length:
  • Rowland Ward: 32 and one quarter in.


This species is native to Europe and Asia, but has been introduced all over the world. The fallow deer’s coat is bright fawn in color and spotted white during the summer months with a white belly. Both black and white individuals are common. Only the males carry antlers.


Green grass is the main food source for the Fallow Deer. They will spend hours grazing and finding the best grasses. They tend to be picky about what they will consume. They will look for green grass first but if they can’t find it then they will settle for the brown grass. It is believed the green grass is more appealing due to the amount of moisture it contains.


Mating for the Fallow Deer extends from late September until late November. The young fawns are born about 240 days after mating takes place. They are born either in May or June of the following year. Twins are quite common for this species of deer but single births are still the highest percentage.


Fallow deer adapted extremely well to the South African environment with access to savanna grasslands and particularly in the cooler climate ranges such as the Highveld. It is easy to see the Fallow Deer as they tend to feed out in the open grassy areas. However, they prefer to have wooded areas around where they can rest and hide from danger. They tend to only live in areas where there is plenty of food in the summer and a decent chance of finding it in the winter months.


He is most active during early morning and late afternoon hours. Set up along game trails or near food plots and pastures where he is likely to be found grazing. Calibers from .270 to the 30 caliber magnums are excellent for the taking of this magnificent beast. Place your shot directly on the shoulder. This shot should penetrate heart and lungs.




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