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Deer – Hog

(Latin = Axis porcinus)

  • Shoulder height: 60-70 cm
  • Weight: 30-50 kg. Males average 43 kg, females 32 kg.
  • Pregnancy Time: 220-230 days
  • Rowland Ward: 16 and seven eights in.



Hog Deer historically occurred from Pakistan and throughout northern and northeastern India. Males are heavier than females, and have much thicker necks. Females are reddish-brown in summer, becoming duller in winter. Mature males are dark brown. An indistinct dark stripe runs along the spine from shoulders to tail. Only males grow antlers.



They eat mostly grasses, but leaves, flowers and fallen fruit are also in their diet.



Hog deer breed seasonally, with the peak of rut occurring in September and October. The gestation period is 220-230 days.



Their ideal habitat is floodplains and wet grasslands. Hog deer tend to avoid forest and cultivated areas.



Hog deer are most active in the morning and late afternoon, but nocturnal activity increases in hot temperatures. Calibers from .270 to the 30 caliber magnums are excellent. Place your shot directly on the shoulder. This shot should penetrate heart and lungs.





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