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Hyena – Brown

(Latin = Hyaena brunnea, Afrikaans = Strandwolf, Tswana = Phiri)

  • Numbers: Fairly high
  • Weight: 42 – 47 kg (92 – 103 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 65 – 88 cm (26 – 35 in.)
  • Pregnancy time: 90 days
  • Pup quantity: Up to 4



The Brown Hyena is found in Namibia, Botswana, western and southern Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique and South Africa. They have pointed ears and striped legs with a dark brown to black shaggy coat, white shoulders and neck. The head and neck are grey, and the legs, are covered with brown and grey bars. The largest remaining brown hyena population is located in the southern Kalahari Desert and coastal areas in Southwest Africa.



Brown hyenas are primarily scavengers. Their diet consists of carcasses killed by larger predators, but they may supplement their diet with rodents, insects, eggs and fruit.



Brown Hyenas are non-seasonal breeders and have a gestation period of about 90 days. Females give birth to 1 to 4 young. Young are suckled for more than a year and live in the den for up to 18 months.



They inhabit desert areas, semi-desert, and open woodland savannahs. In South Africa, they are found in the southern savannahs, grasslands, semi-deserts and deserts.



The best way to hunt them is with bait at night and. A .375 caliber will work well.





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