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(Latin = Oreotragus oreotragus , Afrikaans = Klipspringer, Tswana = Kololo)

  • Numbers: Fairly high
  • Weight: 9 – 16 kg (29 – 35 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 60 cm (24 in.)
  • Record Horn Length:
  • SCI: 5 and seven eights in.
  • Rowland Ward: 6 and three eights in.
  • Females horns? No


This is a small antelope. Ewes are slightly larger than the rams. Only rams have short horns, which are ringed only at the base. Klipspringer have small rounded ears positioned far back on the head. The coat is variable in colour with shades of grey, yellow, brown or red.


Their diet consists of the selective browsing of flowers, tender green shoots and fruits of a wide variety of shrubs and herbs. It hardly ever feeds on grass and is not dependent on drinking water.


Single lambs are born mostly during spring or summer following a gestation period of six months.


Klipspringer have a restricted habitat preference, namely to very rocky environments of mountainous areas and koppies. This allows this nimble-footed antelope to escape from its predators.


Due to the terrain that it prefers, hunting them is a real challenge. Physical fitness will play a role if you want this trophy.  While any suitable 22 centerfire with a 45 to 55-grain bullet will do, hunting klipspringer is often accomplished with heavier calibers. These larger calibers with soft, rapidly expanding bullets will surely ruin the cape. The .223 with military-issue FMJ bullets would be an excellent choice. As for shot placement, if using expanding bullets, aim well behind the shoulder. If you choose solids, keep your aim point farther forward. If angles are involved, aim well clear of the shoulder and front leg bones. Spinal shots are not recommended and, if offered a frontal shot, place it low in the chest area directly on the brisket just between the front legs.




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