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Kudu – Cape

(Latin = tragelaphus strepsiceros, Afrikaans = Kudu, Tswana = Tholo)

  • Numbers: High
  • Shoulder Height: 47.3″
  • Weight: 419 – 596lb
  • Rowland Ward – 32 and seven eights in


The Cape kudu is a spiral-horned antelope. The male is considerably larger than the female. They are darker than the Greater Kudu and are smaller in stature and horns. They are found in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.


Cape Kudu occur in dry semi-desert and thick valley bushveld areas that have sufficient food and shrubs for shelter. They also enjoy open woodland and rocky terrain with water nearby.


Best hunting methods are spot and stalk in the morning and still hunting in the afternoon. In the winter, you will find them standing against the northern slopes in the sun, sheltered from the predominant southern breeze. Late afternoons, they browse down the hills to the softer growth in the low lying areas. A .270 caliber and up will work perfectly.




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