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(Latin = Panthera leo, Afrikaans = Leeu, Tswana = Tau)

  • Numbers: Fairly high
  • Weight: 238 kg (524 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 125 cm (50 in.)
  • Pregnancy time: 110 days
  • Cub quantity: Up to 6


The underparts of Lions are whitish with a sandy tinge. Spots are characteristic of young animals and females often retain these on their underparts. Only males have a long tawny mane on the sides of the face and on top of the head. In some individuals, this mane can become almost black. The Loin is the largest of the African Cats. They are the only member of the cat family to live in social groups, called prides.


Lions prey mainly on large animals such as Zebra, Wildebeest, Buffalo, Gemsbok and even Giraffe and even smaller prey like Impala, Steenbok and Porcupine. The task of hunting is left to the lionesses of the pride. They hunt as a team.


Lions are non-seasonal breeders, yet females of a pride often synchronize births. After a gestation period of 110 days, one to six cubs are born.


Any member of the Big Five deserves the utmost respect. They will ambush when wounded and will be looking for revenge. The minimum caliber is a .375, but a bigger one is recommended. A double is always a good choice because the follow-up shot is very important. Listen carefully to the instructions of your Professional Hunter. Any small mistake could cost you your life.




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