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(Latin = Tragelaphus angasii , Afrikaans = Nyala)

  • Numbers: Low to fair
  • Weight: 55 – 127 kg (121- 279 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 97 – 127 cm (39 – 45 in.)
  • SCI: 32 and three-eighths in.
  • Rowland Ward: 33 and a quarter in.
  • Females horns? No


The Nyala has a slate-brown coat that is marked with white vertical stripes and spots on the flanks. Rams appear more charcoal grey in colour. Ewes are chestnut-coated with even more prominent white stripes on the flanks.


This antelope is both a grazer and a browser and will feed on leaves, fruit and flowers. This variety in their diet is one of the factors ensuring their successful survival.


Single calves are born after a gestation period of 220 days. Twins are not uncommon.


Nyala inhabits dense woodlands and thickets along permanent water. Ambush him on the approaches to feeding areas and water holes. A .270 calibre and up will get the job done. Aim straight up the fore-leg about one-third into the body, and never above the one-half mark. This will secure the high heart/lung shot which has proved to be very effective.




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