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Reedbuck – Mountain

(Latin = Redunca fulvorufula , Afrikaans = Rooiribbok, Tswana = Mofele o mohibidu)

  • Numbers: Fairly High
  • Weight: 22 – 38 kg (48 – 84 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 75 cm (30 in.)
  • SCI: 9 and five eights in.
  • Rowland Ward: 10 in.
  • Females horns? No



The Mountain Reedbuck is a medium-sized, shy antelope. Their fur is predominantly grey, but the head and shoulders are a reddish-brown. It has a fluffy white tail and striking white underparts. Its horns are curved forward and only found on rams. This species has long narrow ears.



The Mountain Reedbuck is a grazer and needs a sufficient supply of fresh water. Ewes give birth to single lambs mainly during summer, after a gestation period of eight months.



Their natural habitat is, as their name suggests, mountainous terrain and they can be seen on mountain slopes feeding or resting in the shade and camouflage of the thick bush.



If you intend to hunt Mountain Reedbuck, prepare yourself to do bit of climbing. A rifle of .270 caliber would be an excellent choice. Make sure your shot is a perfect one, otherwise you might find yourself climbing for the most of the day.

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