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Zebra – Burchell

(Latin = Equus burchelli, Afrikaans = Bontsebra, Tswana = Pitsi)

  • Numbers: Very high
  • Weight: 320 kg (704 lb.)
  • Shoulder height: 136 cm (54 in.)
  • Pregnancy time: 375 days
  • Calf quantity : 1


Body stripes are less numerous and broader than that of the Cape Mountain Zebra, whereas body stripes extend around the belly. Leg striping is less prominent.


Predominantly a grazer, feeding in areas with short grass. Zebra have a strong sensitive upper lip with which it gathers herbage by collecting the grass between the lip and the lower incisors before plucking the harvest.


Non-seasonal breeder, foals may be born in any month. However, under optimal conditions, more foals are born during summer. After a gestation period of 360-390 days, a single foal is born.


Short grassland areas within savanna woodland and grassland plains constitute the preferred habitat. Their dependence on water restricts the Burchell’s Zebra to wander further than ten to 12 km from water. Densely vegetated areas are avoided.


The .270 Win should be considered minimum equipment with the 30 calibers being a better choice. Look to heavy for caliber expanding soft-points when hunting zebra. This is a remarkably tough member of the equine family; shot placement is critical and, if poorly placed, you will be in for a long day and at risk of losing your trophy. The high heart/lung shot is the way to go here. As always, sight up the center of the front leg and place your shot between one third and half way into the body. Higher up and further forward through the center of the shoulder blade will net the shoulder/spinal shot and your zebra will drop to the shot. If you are offered the frontal presentation when hunting zebra, place your shot dead center in the chest at the base of the neck.




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