Thuru Lodge

In the local Khoisan language, thuru means to cast off skin, to change into another creature.

This is what you will experience while hunting in the breathtakingly beautiful red Kalahari sand dunes of Thuru’s Nama Karoo. You will experience solace for your soul in the warm ambiance of the luxurious Thuru lodge.

Hunting a wide variety of indigenous species will provide ample opportunity for you to experience the best Africa has to offer. An adventure second to none awaits at Thuru Lodge.

  • Thuru Lodge
    Living Room

    Jacuzzi at Thuru
  • Thuru Lodge
    Relax at Thuru Spa
    Scenery at Thuru
    Quad Biking at Thuru
  • Scenery at Thuru
    Bush Dinner
    Bush Dinner
    Dune Dinner at Thuru

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