Thuru Special Hunting Packages

Please click on options from the Thuru Lodge special hunting packages below:

  • Super Saver Package – $2800 – 6 Nights, Gemsbuck T, Impala T, Common Springbuck T, Common Blesbuck NT, Ostrich NT Warthog NT. 
  • Exclusive Package – $8200 6 Nights, Sable T, Eland T, Zebra T, Springbuck T, Warthog NT and Black Wildebeest NT. 
  • Father and Son Package – $2950 – 6 Nights for 2 x Hunters, Gemsbuck T, Impala T, Red Hartebeest NT, Black Wildebeest NT and Springbuck NT. 
  • Grand Slam Springbuck Package – $2950 – 6 Nights, Common Springbuck T, Black Springbuck T, White Springbuck T and Copper Springbuck T. 
  • Value Package – $4200 – 6 Nights, Scimitar Horned Oryx T, Zebra T, Springbuck T, Blesbuck NT, Ostrich NT, Warthog    NT. 
  • Middle East – African Hunting Package – $1500 – 6 Nights, Rabbit Hunting, Bird Hunting. Springbuck NT, Blue Wildebeest or Black Wildebeest NT.

T = Trophy, NT = Non Trophy


  • Limited Availability.
  • Limited Months and Dates.
  • Special packages limited to specified areas.
  • Transport to and from nearest Airport Included.
  • Trophy Fees for specified animals Included.
  • 14% VAT Included.
  • Rest as per Nightly Rate “Includes” & “Excludes” and “Terms of Business” as per Pricelist.
  • Please take special note: There will be no refunds on nights and/or species not taken on any package hunt – there will be no swopping of any species, or changing of any package hunts what so ever.
  • Any extras or upgrades as per pricelist.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at