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The Big Man from Wintershoek – Yvan Nieuwoudt

In Wintershoek, Yvan Nieuwoudt is usually referred to as “the Big Man”.  Over 6’5 feet tall, Yvan is certainly a big man!  But Yvan is also a big on wildlife, conservation and ethical hunting.  He loves people and likes to spend the evening after the hunt around the campfire reflecting the day in the bush.

Yvan was born in the Kalahari Desert and was raised by a family that are firm believers in the importance of sustainable hunting for the conservation of wildlife.  After he did his professional hunters course with well-known professional hunter, Johan Calitz in 2005, he returned to the Kalahari for his hunter’s apprenticeship.   Under the watchful eye of his uncle, Hans De Klerk he was taught the ins and outs of the hunting industry and also how to really appreciate what Africa has to offer.

He joined Wintershoek Safaris after his internship.  “After my apprenticeship I was privileged enough to become part of the world renowned Wintershoek Safaris team where I’m currently still based at.  Wintershoek Safaris allowed me the honours to hunt in countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, and the USA.  I’ve gained extensive experience on dangerous game hunting in Africa over the years.  I have and always will have the utmost respect for these animals as well as the rest of Africa’s fauna and flora.”

Wintershoek Safaris values Yvan for his dedication and passion, as well as the professional services he always offers.  He has also been awarded the 2017 “Best PH of the Year” award from PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa)!

“One of my passions in life, is to share my knowledge with people that seek the opportunity to become part of Africa’s conservation success stories through sustainable and responsible hunting.” 

If you want to contact Yvan, please feel free to do so!   +27 82 551 2880 (South Africa) or USA +1 972 514 2278.  You can also contact the office at info@wintershoeksafaris.com and  we will let him know!

Perspectives from a Professional Hunter

From a Professional Hunter’s point of view – Hunting at our new area, Karreekloof.

Over the past two years, a lot has been done with regards to making a dream come true for Wiaan van der Linde and Wintershoek Safaris.

This has been done in the form of the famous and historical Karreekloof that has been bought by Wiaan from the Wright family that owned the land since 1882.  What first struck me, was when I realized that Karreekloof was the first and only trading post between Cape Town and Johannesburg (1000 miles apart) before the Boers and English started developing central parts of South Africa. Talking about some history…!!

Over the last couple of years, a lot has been done to recreate what was then a sheep farm into an expansive piece of wilderness area teeming with wildlife. A total of 6300 + head of game has been reintroduced from large game reserves to recreate what it used to be before development took place in 1881.

A state of the art lodge has been recreated out of the original buildings that were on the farm. Because of the great amount of history and the fact that most materials were imported from England by sea, Wiaan decided to renovate the old buildings by keeping the original Dutch Holland style.

From a Professional Hunters point of view, I think we would all agree with the fact that we want to give our clients a “Wild Africa” experience. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with smaller game ranches all over South Africa and Namibia.  That is most certainly not the case at Karreekloof as you’ll have the opportunity to hunt on 112 000 acres, that is teeming with wildlife. (The long-term plan is to expand it to 250000 acres.)  The trophy quality is unsurpassed to most areas I’ve had the privilege of hunting before… by far!!!

The whole idea behind Karreekloof is to create something that is unique! Unique with regards to the size of the hunting grounds as well as trophy quality, overall numbers of game, the quality of lodging, great food, the road infrastructure that’s been put into place and the overall traditions that has been kept since the late 1800’s as well as the total experience one will have whilst on safari at Karreekloof.  From the serious and avid hunter to a Mom and Dad that wants to bring their kids/family on their first safari, I strongly believe that Karreekloof has what it takes to create those special moments and memories.

Combined with what we already had, Linksfontein Lodge, Gamagara Lodge as well as Thuru Lodge, I now believe that we, as a team at Wintershoek Safaris, are running one of the largest, most diverse and highly respected Safari Outfits in South Africa.

To end this letter, I would like to encourage everyone that’s interested in coming on a hunt of a lifetime to make Karreekloof your first choice.

Once again, I walk with my head held high and wear the “W” with pride on my chest.

Yours in hunting and conservation,
Yvan Nieuwoudt (Professional Hunter)

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