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Travel Advice for the novice hunter visiting South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It has a very rich diversity and a huge variety of cultures. Coming to Africa and South Africa for the first time might be a scary thing, due to all the stories out there (no lions do not roam the streets of Johannesburg).

Here are some tips and details for your first hunting trip to South Africa.


The central and southern parts of South Africa do not have Malaria. The northern parts of South Africa however do. When going to that region or to countries higher up like Zimbabwe, Zambia etc. it is highly advised that you get malaria pills for you and the family.


The clothes you bring along are very important. It is almost always sunny during daytime from May through to September. This is our winter months. Temperatures range from low 30’s F and can warm op to the 70’s F during the day. Some days might be cooler than others. Early mornings and evenings is normally very chilly so be sure to pack at least one warm jacket. For hunting purposes early morning, gloves and a warm balaclava is also recommended. Walking shoes, a couple of pairs of woolly socks and about 2 pairs of long hunting trousers are also essential.

Sunscreen, repellent, hats

Sunscreen and at least one hat is an absolute must, especially in the summer months. In certain areas in South Africa it gets extremely hot. If you are caught out in the bush hunting with none of these you might be in for a painful next couple of days.


South Africa has a huge variety of species to hunt and the terrain in each part of South Africa differs immensely making South Africa one of the best places to hunt. If you are new to hunting make sure that you practice your shooting before coming over. The most important thing to do while out hunting is to always listen to what your professional hunter says. This will improve your success rate and will keep everyone save.

South Africa is a very safe place for international travelers. However, it is sensible to take normal precautions while travelling, particularly while in the city. You might only be in the large city when you come into the international airports. We recommend the use of travelers’ cheques or credit cards rather than large amounts of cash just as you travel to other adventure destinations. The hunting areas are remote and crime is nearly crime-free. While on safari you and your family can relax and enjoy the magic that Africa has to offer.

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